Friday, September 2, 2011

What's in a Name?

I usually drink the coffee they provide at work, but today I decided that I will treat myself to some Starbucks (it's good to get these Starbucks trips in while I can - the students will be back on campus any day now and the lines will be unbearable). I always walk in there ready for a good laugh - somehow they can never figure out my name. It's not that difficult - ELISE.  They usually confuse it with the same names, Elisa, Alyssa, Elsie, etc. I'll lighten the mood on this Friday with a few that left me completely puzzled and laughing...

ALICE- this is one I often get people think that the 'E' in Elise is pronounced as an A
So then I try to emphasize that it's an E not and A - and what do I get? ELEASE.
DANICE - this was a new one.
And my all time personal favorite, S-CINDY. This is just scary. Not only did they
originally spell Cindy incorrectly (Sindy), but this in no way resembles my name.


  1. People always get my name wrong too, Kara, Laura, Lauren, ... Leena, the list goes on.

  2. That's funny!!! Now you made me want to have some coffee :) Have a lovely day!

    Love, Kristin


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