Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kuza Strap

**Warning: This post is a little more writing than usual, but bear with me, it's worth it for passing along this tip to all of you.***

With boot weather upon us (and the rain in the forecast for at least the next week in the city) it is inevitable that we will all begin facing the great tucking dilemma. You've been there, your hair and makeup are all done, you've chosen the outfit that will go perfectly with those brown leather boots you just bought, you're ready to run out the door - now you just have to figure out how to cram your jeans into the boots. You stand there for a moment looking from your pant leg to that small opening of the boot - and back and forth - scheming and planning. First you try to neatly fold and tuck, but as that begins to fail you start cramming all material (any loose hanging scarves and necklaces included) as far down as your hands can reach. 15 minutes later you're on the floor, hair askew, perfect fall sweater in a ball in the corner - thrown there in frustration - nail broken from shoving your pants into the furthest reaches of your boots, all hope lost.....ok, ok maybe that's just me, and perhaps I am a tad dramatic at times....but you get the point.

Luckily, about 2 years ago, I discovered the Kuza Strap and they have completely solved the problem for me. I have seen other products used for the same purpose, but I tried the Kuza Strap first, and have had really great results. They have forever changed my life! - me? dramatic? not at all...

There are all different designs for the Kuza Strap - this is the Socialite (the pair I own).
They are similar to suspender straps that you attach to the bottom of your pants under your foot, in a way, transforming your pants into stirrups. I have found particular use for them when trying to get loose-fitting work pants into my rain boots, or anything other than leggings into tight leather boots.

So the purpose of my whole spiel here today, was to tell you to how much I love the Kuza Strap and I highly suggest it - you will save yourself time and frustration - trust me.


  1. Love this idea for boots! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow I've never heard of these before! Definitely had that problem with jeans before- here's the solution!

  3. I need to get these immediately!!! It's such a problem for me. I could totally relate to your story :)


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