Thursday, September 1, 2011

EmersonMade Fall 2011

Happy Thursday and Happy 1st day of September! Can I just go ahead and assume it's fall now or do I at least have to wait until Labor Day weekend is over)? Well I just saw EmersonMade's Fall line and I am so so in love with so much of it, so I'll show you some of their pieces I am in love with.

EmersonMade London Coat (here)
Emerson Tweed (here)
Bluebird Skinnys (here) - these would go great with boots too!
They also make these Bag O' clothes (turtlenecks, leggings, tees, tanks, and dresses)! They're so adorable, I want one of each!

The Bag O'Turtlenecks might be the cutest bag, but I want one of each! (found here)


  1. emmersonmade can do no wrong!
    That turtleneck bag is hilarious

  2. great minds... i wrote about them today, too! I LOVE THIS LINE... Emerson can do no wrong! xo


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