Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Friday!.....Wait...Thursday?

Is there anything worse than waking up and thinking it's a Friday when it's not? Ok, well, technically there are worse things, but it's not the best way to start a day. Work has been insanely busy these past few weeks, so my projects for the blog have fallen to the wayside a bit, but I will have a lot of time this weekend to work on them.

Today, at the request of a few people, I am going to share with you my current Fall Playlist.

Elvis Costello:     "She"
This is actually a cover that he recorded for the Notting Hill Soundtrack.
Steve Tyrell:     "Give Me the Simple Life" and "On the Sunny Side of the Street"
I first heard Steve Tyrell sing these songs in Father of the Bride: Part 2 (which I LOVE),
but my friend Kelly and I also stopped into Elaine's (which is sadly closed now) a few months ago and heard the entire back story to how Steve kind of mistakenly ended up performing these for the
soundtrack (those are the Elaine's stories I miss).
Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps:     "Tying My Shoes"
Pretty much this entire album is amazing!
Melody Gardot:     "Quiet Fire"
Again, another entire album that is amazing, but her story of how she used music
as therapy after being hit by a car might be more amazing (read all about her here).
Miles Davis:     "Autumn Leaves"
This one speaks for itself - who doesn't love the always cool Miles Davis?
What are you listening to?

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