Friday, August 30, 2013


Here is a glimpse of my life lately...

 - Lobster buoys in Cape Cod - Lunch with Nic at our wedding venue
- Boats off the Chatham Fish Pier - The Chatham Bandstand

- Coffee in my backyard with my new Cape Cod whale mug - Fountain and sculpture by World Trade Center
- Staten Island Yankees Game - Dinner with Nic outside

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Anyone who knows me, knows the doughnuts are my weakness. In fact, one of my nephews sometimes calls me Auntie Doughnut.

I grew up with a fantastic bakery in my town that made the best glazed and chocolate-frosted doughnuts. Alas, it closed many years ago (most member of the town are still mourning it). I also grew up spending time in the summer in Chatham Cape Cod, which just so happens to have a bakery that makes amazing square knot glazed doughnuts. We still go to Chatham in the summers and The Chatham Bakery is always my first stop (it's a must if you are ever in the area). I had hoped for a quaint bakery with perfects doughnuts like one of these when I found my new apartment.

The first thing I searched for on Google and Yelp in my new neighborhood was, ashamedly, a bakery. The search was futile. I was sad.

I decided I would have to make my own. For those of you that followed my blog in the past, one of my Wednesday Wishes from last February was a heart-shaped doughnut pan. I went ahead and bought it on Amazon, found a recipe on Pinterest and went for it.

The results...

They were baked, not fried doughnuts, (which we all know would have tasted a lot better). Still, these were pretty good. I'm looking forward to trying pumpkin or apple cider versions in the fall. I found the recipe on Pinterest, but it can from "Not So Humble Pie" - you can find the very easy recipe here!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building a Beautiful Life

Ok. I figured it out. Why was I losing interest in this blog? Why couldn't it fully take one direction and just go with it?

I was spending too much time on the "wishes" part. I was posting too much about what I was wishing for, what pins I found that depicted the home, or life, or party I wanted to have, etc.

I have decided to try something a little simpler and closer to the life I currently have. Instead of just pinning about that life I want, I'm going to start trying to attain that life. This will be all about me  building my own beautiful life.

It's an apropos time for me to start this. I am 27 years old, engaged to be married in October (52 days to go!), working in NYC, and recently moved into a new apartment that will be our home when we are married. This blog will be about my journey, from decorating our new apartment, to getting used to making dinner for two, to evolving my style to a more mature and polished look, to throwing dinner parties, figuring out exactly how to use all of those gifts I registered for, and remembering to clean, while ALWAYS drinking Champagne and remembering to laugh.

(But let's call a spade a spade - clearly I will still be pinning.)

View of the city from my new neighborhood - it doesn't get old!