Friday, September 16, 2011

Reading Chairs

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! (for real today!) The weather in New York is chilly and beautiful this morning. This weekend I want to curl up in a big, comfortable chair with a great book and cup of pumpkin coffee....problem is I don't have a big, comfortable chair in my apartment yet. Here are some I'm looking at getting (and some I'm just wishing about)...

This grey Anthropolgy Corrigan Chair would match my new room decor perfectly!
I love leather chairs and the shape of this Restoration Hardware Churchill Reading Chair is perfect....and how comfortable does it look?
I love the clean lines, and the white color contrasted with the brown wood and green details.
(image via Good Things are Wild and Free)

And, although it's not quite a reading chair, I would love to be wrapped in blankets, reading here all weekend long:

(image via Little Somethings)
Have a great weekend.

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