Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pigmints Holiday Line

Happy Thursday lovelies! This morning I want to introduce you to the lovely and talented Sydney Hewitt!

Sydney Hewitt: Owner, Pigmints
(and mother to the adorable Eli!)
I was introduced to Sydney and her work through a mutual friend and I am so glad that I was. On her site: Pigmints she sells custom-made paper products that are tailor-made for each occasion and client (she hand draws and designs each one and they are completely customizable!). Her products include Greeting Cards, Luggage and Gift Tags, Recipe Cards, and more. 

For the holidays I often bake Christmas cookies and gift them to friends and coworkers. This year I am definitely ordering some of Sydney's Recipe Cards with a Christmas Cookie Recipe to include with any cookies I gift! I have shared some of her holiday items below, but you HAVE to check out her blog (here) for more of her beautiful work! If you haven't ordered your Christmas cards yet, check out her designs!

Christmas Card
Christmas Card
I love this idea for newlyweds!
Luggage Tags
I have to get these for my luggage now that I travel so much for work!
Christmas Tags
Recipe Card (front)
I am still deciding which of her fabulously designed recipe cards I am going to get -
this is the front runner right now!
Recipe Card (back)

I love that all of the products on Pigmints can be customized for my needs, and Sydney could not be any sweeter or easier to work with.  Which of her products do you like best?

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  1. Thanks again for the awesome post! I love all of your holidays finds on here, especially the DIY decorations. I will be trying some of those for sure this Christmas. Take care!


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