Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Fun

Happy Friday lovelies!! I am sorry that I did not post yesterday, I decided to take the day after my birthday off to spend in the city. On my birthday Nic and I walked the Highline and had a great dinner and yesterday we spent the day together walking around the city, eating delicious pumpkin pancakes, and going to the Bronx Zoo. Here are some of the highlights.

Empire State Building from the Highline
(Nic and I both forgot our cameras so all of our camera phone pictures did not come out well)

Birthday Brunch Mimosa
The gorillas at the Bronx Zoo are amazing - they are so human-like
The lions were so beautiful
(This is when my camera died :( I was not happy)
I was very excited to see the giraffes, they're so peaceful and beautiful.
The tigers were gorgeous and really playful

These tigers were really fun to watch.

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