Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bubbles, Baubles, Bibs, and Bangles

I absolutely adore jewelry. Real, fake, big, small, old, new, I don't discriminate. Finding a good way to store and organize it is always a struggle. I now hang a lot of my necklaces on the wall as a statement piece and store a lot of my rings and bracelets in boxes in a drawer, earrings are kept in an older jewelry box - but this system needs updating (my next project). Here are some of the pieces I'm dreaming of now.

Pearl Netted Bib
(via BaubleBar)

JCrew Classic Pave Link bracelet
Inverted Dome Ring
(via BaubleBar)
Kate Spade Pearl Street Statement Necklace
Michael Kors leather cuff
This is so cute for fall!
Kelly Glam Collar  -  this piece is so fun
(via BaubleBar)
JCrew Bubble Necklace
Pomellato's Pom Pom bauble rings are beautiful!!!!

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