Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Good morning lovelies! How many of you felt that earthquake yesterday? It was pretty crazy; never expected that in NYC! I have a busy day ahead of me so it was nice to take a minute with my cup of coffee and think about some fun wishes. Here's what I'm wishing for this Wednesday...

One of these Cocoa and Hearts paintings for my room - aren't they so cute? They're my latest obsession!
(via Cocoa and Hearts)
Grey and white pillow for my new room.
(via CB2)
White Cinderella Chandelier - what girl doesn't want a beautiful chandelier in her bedroom (or kitchen, or closet, or dining room, or....)?
(via LNT)
Christian Louboutin Burlina - these would be so perfect for the fall!
(via Christian Louboutin)
Get the look for less → (Aldo)!
What are you wishing for today???

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  1. I want that chandelier in my bedroom, so chic:)


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