Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lost in Lockets

I have always wanted a locket - a pretty, vintage-looking necklace to carry pictures of the ones I love. I have bought a few cheap ones in the past, but they just never quite cut it. I am on the hunt for the perfect one and have found a few contenders!

(via lizlamoreaux's Etsy Shop)
this is one of my favorites, she calls them whispered mantras
(via my Wishlist Pinboard)
("Pinocchio's Lament" via justinejividen's Etsy Shop)
I love the name!
Vintage pocket watch locket and key
(via Sevinoma's Etsy Shop)
(p.s this is a deal at $6.50!)
Vintage brass locket
(via valleygirldesigns' Etsy Shop)
Clamshell Locket
(via BHLDN)

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