Thursday, May 3, 2012

Neon Lights

In NYC we have a lot of rain in the upcoming forecast....doesn't exactly make me feel very "spring-y". Instead of sitting in the park in a cute floral dress drinking an iced coffee, I want to hole up in a dark cafĂ© , reading a Victorian novel and drinking cappuccino.  In order to counteract this feeling I'm adding pops of neon to my outfits to brighten things up. Here are some of my favorite of the season... with a Victorian novel and a cappuccino. To counteract this dreary feeling I’m using pops of neon to brighten things up. Here are some of my favorites from this season… 

Love Fury Neon Pink heel - by Nine West
I just bought these and let me assure you - this picture does not do them justice.
They are fluorescent pink and amazing!

Gap's 3-Stripe Sweater
I also got this in navy and kelly green and snagged each for only $7 in store!

Forever 21 Wing Bracelet
I love wearing this now, but I'm also looking forward to pairing it with white this summer!

La Mer Neon Green Watch
However, I have still yet to find the perfect pink blazer like the one below. Any know where I can find one????

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  1. If you're looking for a cheap version go to H&M or Zara or Mango - they have wonderful pink blazers. I could buy all of them.

    Lovely blog though

    xx Marina Olivia


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