Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone Cases

Happy Thursday! I have been in desperate need of a new iPhone case, but can't make up my mind on what I want. These are some of the ones I'm looking at, but send me more suggestions as I'm always looking for new designs.

Ocean City iPhone Case
(I found this one a few days ago on Liz's (of Sequins and Stripes) Pinterest Board. Love it!)
Monogrammed iPhone Cover - by Irresistibly Chic Shop
I love the classic, preppy look of these Monogrammed ones.
Kate Spade NY Airmail Case
NY Yankees iPhone Case
I currently have a Yankees pinstripe case, but the white part
looks so old and dirty - I'm thinking the blue will last longer.
Willow and Company's iPhone Case
How cute is this wool felt and leather iPhone sleeve - I love it!
(Check out Willow and Company's page for more beautiful iPhone and iPad cases!)

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